Botox and Dermal Filler Training Courses

Authored By: Michael E Corsello DMD

Hello Jessica, Ana, Denise & Natausha,

Concerning level 1 Botox and Dermal Filler training in New York the weekend of June 23rd, 2012. I was thoroughly impressed with the materials presented. It was highly organized and followed the syllabus almost word for word so very little note taking was necessary and we had an excellent reference source to take back to the practice. I went into this course a touch skeptical but completed it feeling confident and thrilled about the changes I will be making in the lives of future patients. The volunteer patient whom I diagnosed and treated in the clinic was transformed. An obvious asymmetry of the lips was instantly corrected using dermal filler. Additional filler softened an age revealing naso-labial fold followed by Botox infusions, which will eliminate long existing minor muscular movements that are responsible for other perceived flaws and wrinkles. Hands on experience created instant confidence as I performed the entire procedure. The skill and knowledge we posses in the dental profession, lends itself perfectly to these techniques.

The service and support were also very nice. Jessica was kind enough to handle my travel back to the airport so that I could concentrate on my training. Lunches were made available right at the clinic so we had no down time. Ana was a true professional director, keeping the program running smoothly and us doctors in line and in the right place and on time. I was able to apply for membership in the Academy of Facial Aesthetics before leaving and was given an additional course completion certificate for the reception area.

The learning experience was 1st class. The confidence I gained allows me to immediately employ these basic facial esthetic procedures in practice adding the final dimension to the implant and cosmetic services my practice currently provides.



-- Michael E Corsello DMD Fellow: American Dental Implant Association Master: American Dental Implant Association Member: AAID, ICOI, ADA, PDA Northland Dental Medicine 4725 Mcknight Road, Suite 201 Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412-367-7400