New facial filler, Voluma, approved by the FDA

Tampa, Fla - Want to start the new year off by looking ten years younger? The FDA just approved a new facial filler that is supposed to last longer than others on the market. 

Melanie Souza, 51, hopes what is in Voluma, will turn back the clock longer than other facial fillers she's tried before.  She's hoping a more youthful appearance will extend her career.

"I'm an actress. I want to keep competitive in that field.  It's not that I don't want to look my age, it’s just that I want to look the best that I can for my age," Souza said. "There are a few little hollows that I'm getting as I get older and I like to just plump up a little to get a more youthful appearance." 

Dr. Richard Castellano, a plastic surgeon, is injecting Voluma into her cheeks. Recently approved by the FDA, Castellano says Voluma has three benefits over other fillers:

One: It lasts two years.
Two: Results are immediate
Three:  It's reversible.

Dr. Castellano says, "If for some reason a patient thinks they've been overcorrected than you can inject something that dissolves it away."

Nurse practitioner Denise Merdich believes 'being reversible' is a plus for Voluma. She's injecting it too, but says despite lasting longer, it might cost more upfront.

"When volumizing a patient, I may use four or five syringes of Voluma compared to two syringes of Radiesse because of the thickness of Radiesse."

Denise charges around $700 a syringe for Radiesse, but almost $1,000 for Voluma.

For Melanie, this new filler was just what the doctor ordered. She sees the difference.

"On top of the cheek bones definitely. And, under the eyes, yes." Both experts say the most important decision when choosing to get facial fillers of any kind is choosing a qualified injector.  But again with Voluma, mistakes can quickly be corrected.

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