Botox and Dentistry

March 9, 2011

Well, we have all heard about the benefits that Botox can bring to one and now it is being used by dentists as well. Dentists have long been known to have used botox to treat certain kinds of dental concerns such as temporomandibular joint or other disorders. Botox is also approved for the use of migraines that occur habitually. Dentists have discovered that Botox can be used for great aesthetic purposes even in the dental field.

All of us know that if we were to take good care of our teeth by brushing and flossing them regularly then we can knock off years off our face. Same is the case with Botox that can make you look years younger. That is exactly what cosmetic dentistry has been using and giving their patients the choice of Botox and dermal filler treatments.

Dentists justify the use of Botox in their profession by stating that they are the ones who know the face far better than any other doctor and therefore are in the perfect position to be able to inject Botox at the right place. There have been dentists who have started offering this injection to their patients called the Botox and juvederm treatments and the response has been good.

There have been times that dentists have been using Botox for certain dental concerns but for the first time they have begun to look at it in the form of functionality and aesthetics clubbed with the right kind of treatment.

The Minnesota Board of dentists agree to use Botox as far as it is in the stipulation of the care that a specialist would assure their patients of. On the other hand, there are states like Nevada and California that do not consider offering these as dental treatments as enhancing patient’s smiles and reducing their wrinkles on the face is not considered to be dentistry and not even comes under the purview of cosmetic surgery.

At the same time, there are scores of patients who are willing to spend great sums of money in order to get themselves looking really good. A Botox treatment can set them back by as much as $240 to as much as $720. But, they aren’t complaining for sure.

Dentists are realizing the multitude benefits that they can give their patients with the help of the use of botox and at the same time go on to increase their bottom line. What patients had to say about the treatment is that it went on to give them a cutting edge about the way they looked. They had compliments coming their way and really liked it which made the money spent on the dental Botox worthwhile.