A New Drill: Dallas Dentist Fills Chairs with Sexy, New Concept

By: Shana Franklin | The 33 News September 14, 2010

Floss Dental Took Patient Requests And Now Serves Up Alcohol, Club Music & Attractive Staff

Floss Dental in Dallas has the basics are covered. Sounds of drills, suction and water spitting fill the hallways. But surprisingly, they've also mastered the "cool" factor. Office Manager Ashley Hollis explains warmly, "We're out to change dentistry. We're here to make every patient's experience awesome."

For example, staff is encouraged to "love" on patients. It's a tongue in cheek reference to their desire to make people comfortable and relaxed in a setting known for anything but that. Owner and dentist Clint Herzog says, "It all began with people coming in, saying they didn't like to go to the dentist. I couldn't stand to hear that."

So, Herzog began asking patients what they wanted in a dental experience. Now, he and employees focus on building personal relationships with patients. And about those employees, everyone is easy on the eyes. Ashley Hollis says, "That's what we want to portray to the patient, too. We're here to take care of you because we take care of ourselves."

The staff is young, attractive and fashionable. Today, the receptionist at the Routh Street office had an updo worthy of a night on the town. Herzog himself looks like a walking GQ model. He's tan, blond and buff. He is casual and trendy in a black t-shirt, sneakers and jeans that look as pricey as a root canal.

The anti-dentist treatment starts long before patients gets to the chair. Club music greets them as they walk in the door. So does Brandy, the receptionist, with an offer of a drink. There is water, sure. There is also beer and wine.

Patients can get Botox and free teeth whitening. It's a change of pace patient David Viger notices and likes. Viger says about Floss Dental, "I think they show that you can have a business, conduct yourself in a professional manner, but at the same time kind of be laid back, make it fun."

Viger finds Floss Dental very relatable. Dr. Herzog says the concept of creating a new experience in dentistry is now being copied by other dentists. He sees that as a compliment to his office and a benefit to patients. Dr. Herzog says, "It's trendy. It's fun. It's somewhere they want to go. The idea is if they like to go there, they're going take better care of themselves."

But yet, somehow look forward to getting a cavity filled.

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