DentaSpa Seminars Training Courses

Authored By: G. Robin Pruitt, Jr.,D.M.D. August 16, 2012

Dear Ana,

I have had the opportunity to attend all 3 of the DentaSpa Seminars over the course of the last year. The course, instructors, patients, level of educational expertise and the way the course is organized is unsurpassed in either the Dental or Medical field.

I immediately began incorporating the concepts and ideas of my training into transforming my practice from not only a cosmetic restorative and implant surgical practice but also into an environment that offers spa like amenities in a serene, relaxing setting.

Incorporating Botox and Dermal fillers into the practice was very easy and smooth transition. With only a few posters and brochures throughout the office, patients ASK ME if I can do their Botox for them. It is a simple. rewarding aesthetic service to offer to our patients that they otherwise would be having done elsewhere, especially when it is combined with cosmetic procedures and with implant surgical cases.

I would highly recommend DentaSpa Seminars sa your " one stop " educational source for taking your practice to the next level.

Fun, personally and financially rewarding and patients are now expexting it. Why lose your patients to the doctor down the street that IS already doing these procedures?

Again, thank you for the extra attention that you give to each of the students. I am so glad that I become a part of the DentaSpa family.

Very Truly Yours,

G. Robin Pruitt, Jr.,D.M.D.
Vestavia Family Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics.