Botox/Dysport – 3 Reasons Why You Should Botox/Dysport

By: V. E.CARBON December 23, 2010

There has been a misconception that Botox/Dysport is usually meant for people with wrinkles only. While it is good for getting rid of wrinkles it also has other uses. There are various other conditions that can be treated using this procedure. Let us take a look at what Botox/Dysport is and what it can be used for.

Wrinkle Removal

Some of the lines on our face are caused by the contraction of muscles under the skin causing our skin to wrinkle. The reason why people wrinkle in certain parts is because these are the parts where the skin moves more often. By smiling, squinting we move the skin. This causes the skin to crease in those particular parts. Botox/Dysport relaxes the muscles which in turn stops the creasing. This may not be a permanent remedy but it is good for keeping wrinkles away.

Reduce Sweating

Sweating is normal and healthy for everyone, but for some it ends up being a problem. There are people who happen to sweat in excess. This type of condition has been difficult to treat for many people. However, with Botox/Dysport injections this can be controlled. Botox minimizes the body’s sweating mechanism. This however came as a surprise as no one had ever linked muscles and sweat. Today many people with this problem are simply getting injections to get rid of it after many years of embarrassment as a result of excessive sweating that has negatively affected their lives.

"I had one female patient who had to change her undershirt 3 times before noon because of her excessive sweating. She could not wear any nice shirts or dresses because she would ruin them," Botox treatments absolutely changed her life.


One of the most painful head ailments one can ever go through is the migraine headaches. Botox injections have proved to be a possible remedy for these chronic headaches. They help in reducing the number of times that a person gets migraines over a given time. However, it is still yet to be established as the best remedy as experiments are ongoing. For the time being it serves the purpose of controlling migraines which would otherwise be a menace to most people.

There are also tests going on to establish if the substance can be used as a remedy for several other conditions like spasms and muscular tics. Cervical dystonia and neuron syndrome are other conditions that can be controlled using Botox/Dysport injections. The latest entrant in conditions that can be managed by botulinum toxin is asthma. It is important to have an experienced doctor or nurse administer your Botox/Dysport treatment. MD Laser Spa is in the top 1% in the country for Botox treatments so they certainly have a tremendous amount of experience.

There have been cases of paralysis that have come as a result of the toxins spreading into parts of the body it is not supposed to. It is therefore advisable to get the counsel of a doctor before engaging in it to establish whether it is good for you or not. One last important thing that people should take note of is that Botox/Dysport is a temporary measure or remedy hence it should be administered several times a year to keep you looking you best.