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Private In-Office Botox and Dermal Filler Team Training:

You have completed your training and are ready to begin offering these exciting treatments to your patients.

* However, does your team understand the business of BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers? 

* Are they confident in their knowledge to sell aesthetic treatments to your patients?

Our Private In-Office Training offers your team the most comprehensive A-Z business training to ensure everyone will be prepared to help brand, market, sell & assist with patient cases.

Private In-Office Botox and Dermal Filler Team Training:

You have completed your BOTOX and Dermal Fillers training and are ready to begin offering these exciting treatments to your patients.

* However, does your team understand the business of BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers?

* Are they confident in their knowledge to sell aesthetic treatments to your patients?

Our Private In-Office Training offers your team the most comprehensive A-Z business training to ensure everyone will be prepared to help brand, market, sell & assist with patient cases.

Receive a thorough 80 + page A-Z Business Training Manual for the practice!

Education Highlights Include:

  • Botox 101
  • Dermal Fillers 101
  • The Dental Advantage
  • Treatment areas: Patient friendly terms vs. clinical terms
  • Consultation Tips
  • Pricing, Specials, combining services
  • How to handle patients who find very cheap Botox/Filler Deals
  • Review use of Patient Questionnaire, Pre and Post treatment patient care
  • Taking before and after pictures, proper patient protocol
  • Available Products (Allergan, Merz, Galderma), Supplies & Ordering
  • What is hyaluronidase and how to order it?
  • Rescue Items - What to keep in the practice (hyaluronidase, nitro paste)
  • Billing codes and example one for Therapeutic Treatments
  • Patient education
  • Optional: Set-up in-office vendor demos for adjunct aesthetic services

Included with Your In-Office Team Training: 

  • Trainer/Consultant Compensation for private, one-on-one training session
  • Market analysis for your pricing of treatments
  • Cost of transportation and trainer meals during work travel
  • Complete A-Z practice training manual for each participant ***
  • Waiting Room Marketing/ Patient Education Loop ($499 value)
  • Breakfast - We will provide coffee for your team for the day of training. If you already have a coffee set-up at your location, we would be happy to bring in bagels or breakfast sandwiches instead for the morning.
  • Lunch for your team

"Within the first 2 hours, my staff experienced an amazing paradigm shift. They went from bring negative about these procedures to becoming EDUCATED, INSPIRED AND EXCITED!"

Dr. Dorothy Anasinski, DMD - IL

"The training was very engaging, thorough and interactive. I am so glad I brought this training to my team; we all had so much fun. All around awesome!"

Dr. Mari Bae, DMD - MA

"My team and I really enjoyed the interactive presentation and the wealth of information provided with this training. What a great job. My staff is now mentioning the new services to patients and are even excited to have the treatments done on themselves!"

Dr. Brian Gilbert, DMD - NM

Business Consultation Services:

In addition to the In-Office Team Trainings for injectables, DentaSpa™also offers business consultation services for practitioners trying to expand their aesthetics business and offer adjunctive services and/or build out a medspa or dental spa. Our goal is to differentiate your practice as a leading provider of aesthetic treatments including facial injectables and other popular aesthetic and spa services. We strive to make implementation as seamless and stress-free as possible. Let our expert Aesthetic Business Consultants, with vast industry experience, guide you through the entire A-Z process and provide you with countless resources and tools to make your aesthetics venture successful and profitable.

What can our consultants help you with? Below find a few of the many aspects of growing you aesthetic and/or spa business venture:

  • On-site Practice Assessment
  • Phone Management Assessment & Training
  • Concept Development and Branding
  • Infrastructure / Operational Development
  • Staff Training/ Team Building
  • Human Resources (Staffing) --Recruitment
  • Contract Writing & Negotiation
  • Staff / Management Training in Administration Processes, the "Patient Experience" & Sales Promotion
  • Grand Openings and Launch
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Patient Coordinator Consultation Training
  • Internal / External Marketing Programs
  • Business & Marketing Plan Development
  • Facility Design and Set-up
  • Sales & Referral Programs
  • Aesthetics Menu Development
  • Event Planning and Coordination
  • Loyalty and Retention Programs
  • Logo creation and Collateral Design

Meet the Expert Consultants:

We are happy to connect you with our business consultants to discuss what aspects/areas of your business you need help with to further develop your aesthetics business venture!

Elizabeth Canler, Spa Consultant

As one of DentaSpa's senior spa business consultants, Elizabeth brings more than 20 years of spa industry expertise to help dental practitioners incorporate a lucrative aesthetic business within their practice. Elizabeth is one of South Florida's most sought out aestheticians. For the past 5 years, she has owned Miami Skin Boutique & Spa, one of Miami's top luxury spas.

Movita Sanchez-Hernandez, Senior Spa Business Consultant

As one of DentaSpa’s senior spa business consultants, Movita Hernandez brings over 20 years of industry expertise to help dental practitioners incorporate a lucrative aesthetic business within their practice. With experience implementing successful developmental strategies, She assists DentaSpa alumni with various aspects of developing their aesthetic businesses, including branding, operations, staffing and training, menu development, and execution of proven marketing and patient programs. [Read More]

Business Training Course- Featured Testimonials:

  • "I enjoyed taking the course. Since I am opening a dental spa, the course was perfect training for my future plans. I highly recommend the course to all the dentists that are interested in dental spa and aesthetic services."Dr. Yara Lopez, California
  • "Absolutely great! I feel like I have a much more clear focus on how to get started, where to start and what I want for my practice."Dr. Andie Pearson, Illinois
  • "Good business tools for this industry. Nice demonstrations; I had no idea about all of the treatments I can incorporate that my team can handle."Dr. Benjamin Chang, Washington
  • "This program is very informative about the procedures and technologies available for both therapeutic and facial enhancement treatments."Dr. Sam Muslin DDS, California
  • "This was a good course for information on what’s available in the field. I was amazed at what is possible to accomplish now."Dr. Douglas Johnson, California
  • "This was a great course for the staff. The staff can make or break a practice. This is a proper course to get everybody on board."Dr. Miguel Castillo, Texas
  • "I thought the program was great. I wonder if it would work to do a half-day of demos and half day of lectures each day. Presenters were fantastic-especially Dr. Shaw."Veronica Manidis, California
  • "The program was very informative. I would definitely recommend the class to others. We are excited to start implementing the ideas into our practice."Jenifer Lopez, California
  • "Great Seminar! Very Informative! Thank you so much DentaSpa Seminars for this great course."Aracely Mendoza, Texas
  • "This course was great and all the speakers were awesome. I got a lot of useful information. Thank you DentaSpa!"Alma Cardenas, Office Manager, Texas
  • "Everyone was very informative! I really enjoyed the course. The instructors are very knowledgeable."Janet Villarreal, Dental Assistant, Texas
  • "The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. The lectures had a lot of good information on how to be successful in the aesthetics industry."Danielle Michel, California
  • "Everyone was so nice and helpful. Day 2 was great! Hands on! Will do additional courses."Debra Malyszek, California
  • "Absolutely the best, most comprehensive course (seminar) ever. These people have done all the leg work, the behind-the-scenes research, and the development that will give any prospective dental spa owner the head start needed for a successful endeavor. We will be back for the D2!"Annita Megregian, Office Manager, FL
  • "All aspects in the business part of a dental spa were conveyed very well. The speakers were very knowledgeable and helpful. They took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns as well as showing demos and treating me!"Jaime Allen, Hygienist, FL
  • "It is a great opportunity to meet with others and discuss valuable ideas on how to implement spa services."Evita Rodriguez, Hygienist, FL
  • "Thank you for the well organized course, very informative presentations and access to experienced professionals in the business." Dr. Mariela K. Lung, DDS, FL
  • "Great program! Good speakers, well organized, well-run, good food, thorough content. I really enjoyed! See you on the 27th for D1!!"G. Robin Pruitt, Jr. DDS, AL
  • "It was a great, personalized way to experience the spa services. Individual examples from people who already have dental spa services was extremely helpful and insightful. I'm so excited to have won the raffle for the free interior design of one of my operatories!"Shireen Dhanani, DDS, FL
  • "I have now completed the 3 courses in the Series. I am opening up brand new practices in Manhattan and PA and now have the direction and ideas to turn them into successful Dental Spas. My staff and patients will be very excited they will be able to get spa treatments in the office! Thank you DentaSpa."Matthew Ghadami, DDS, NY
  • "It was a great course to help my practice determine what services we would like incorporate in our dental spa."Dr. Heather Ayers, WV
  • "Well organized, good food, excellent ideas. Life changing ideas. Looking forward for D1 and D2."Dr. Yousef Moussa, NJ
  • "Very good and informative course. Loved the Spa day!!! Very friendly staff."Rhonda Jordan OM, MD
  • "Great course. DentaSpa Seminars have done a lot of research to provide a comprehensive course. Some of the information I learned, I never thought could have been done in my dental practice. It was definitely worth coming to this course."Dr. Caroline Singh, Trinidad
  • "This spa business training dental course was a great addition to the other injectable courses I took. It gives you the opportunity to further expand your practice into a forward thinking dental practice. Thank you."Dr. Carly Lemley, WV
  • "Very good lectures. Thank you DentaSpa."Joelle Lacumbe OM, FL
  • "The lecture portion was very good. Thank you."Dr.Emmanuelle A. Zennie , FL
  • "Great job, educational and eye opener. Jessica and Ana were very helpful."Dr.Herold Hui, FL
  • "A wonderful innovative, educational experience, Creatively done."Heidi Deodath, FL
  • "It's a wonderful course."Hazel Yong, FL
  • "Great exposure to top spa vendors. Thank you."Dr. Kristina Hapney, SC
  • "Everyone was very nice! Enjoyed the course thoroughly! My advice to all is sign up early, don't wait like we did. Enjoyed the speakers and the advice we received. What I learned will be very useful to take back to our dental spa."Nancy J. Hapney, OM, SC
  • "This is the most interactive and lively "dental" seminars I ever attended. Great Course."Dr. Christie Lee, TX
  • "Loved the spa day. Great Course."Dr.Thomas McConnell, FL
  • "Great introduction to spa options. Great hands-on portion too!"Dr. Yanitza McConnell, FL
  • "We met great people, new technologies are wonderful; looking forward to next seminar."Anastasia, OM at Dr. Moussa Dental Office
  • "It was a great learning experience. Lecture day and hands on day completed each other perfectly."Dr. Claudia Ferro, FL
  • "Very insightful and full of information. No complaints about weekend course package as a whole."Dwayne Thompson Head Dental Assistant, MD
  • "The course provided a lot of valuable information for incorporating spa into the dental business. Overall,this was very helpful and I will be incorporating some of these things to enhance my position within the practice."H. Shymene Williams, MD
  • "Incredible Course. Perfect combination of lecture material and live demonstrations. At the same top notch level as the aesthetic classes I also took with DentaSpa."Dr. Rosamund Butler, Bahamas
  • "Thank you for hosting my staff and me. We have had a real bonding experience. We have learned marketing skills both internal and on-line. We have especially enjoyed learning about skin treatments and equipment, thank you very much!!!"Dr. David A. Dickman, NY
  • "Day one of the seminar was very informative with great staff. I was so excited. Day 2 very informative-individual time with the speakers-great advice. Very happy testing some of the new technology. I highly recommend this training."Dr. Stacey N. Blaine
  • "Course was very well and organized, a lot of information and new equipment and products. Thanks."Dr. Wendy Buza
  • "I really enjoyed this course; I learned a lot of information that I didn't know anything about. "Dr. Laura Matteliano
  • "This course was a very informative class. I learned a lot and I would definitely recommend this to everyone to learn about Botox and aesthetic business training."Dr. Sharon Jarnot
  • "I had a great time! Course is very thorough; great speakers that gave a lot of useful information."Dr. Valentina Hallmark
  • "Nice course. Great experience. Excellent information on marketing, social media and new technology."Dr. Andreina Vitto, IN
  • "I felt the course was very informative. Dr. Shaw’s portion was overall the most enlightening subject of the seminar."Dr. Robyn Smith
  • "Very informative. Dr. Shaw had a fantastic presentation; as well as all the other trainers. Learned a lot good information. First class!"Chrissy Fish
  • "Awesome course so excited to get started introducing Botox and Filler into my practice!! Staff is fantastic."Dr. Litsa Zotis, PA
  • "Very informative. Dr. Shaw was an excellent speaker and really motivated us on the importance of training. Very knowledgeable."Kalena Marsula
  • "Very informative and fun too!! Great speakers!"Karen Schener
  • "Very informative! I loved it!!"Kelly Carrocia

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